Our Schools

almost all our children come from very challenging backgrounds
in our schools they find love, encouragement and 2 meals a day
(and of course a fantastic education)

School – An oasis of learning, peace and growth

It should go without saying that every child has the right to a good education. Sadly this is not true in many places. Hope and Kindness provides a good, free education, to children from Nursery to Grade 8.

But … a school is so much more than an exam success factory. The children who come to our school can expect so much more ………

Our very well equipped ECD (Early Childhood Development) classroom – full of happy pupils!
Our Schools

Hope and Kindness was founded in 2002 by Terry and Judi Mott – two teachers from England who, in the year 2000, were massively changed by experiencing the love of God at a very challenging time in their own lives. Providing vulnerable children with a very good education, two meals a day and a loving Christian environment to grow up in has always been at the heart of our work.

Happy classroom
Always time to play
Water project – learning for life
Jesus said what to the waves?
early years education – nursery class and pre-primary class

Education policy all over the world has tended to focus on the “business end” of the education system – the older years who produce the exam results for public consumption. Every body knows that the early years of education are, in many ways, the most crucial. Our early years classroom is a hive of activity, geared up to making sure the youngest children are helped to establish very strong foundations for their future learning.

Hello children
Breakfast – off to a good start
Good foundations start here
And here!
primary school

Building a successful primary school has been a challenging, but ultimately very rewarding experience. However schools are organised, we know that children thrive best in schools with well trained teachers who love them and nurture their gifts, talents and ambitions. Hope and Kindness has invested a great deal of time in teacher training. We believe that good education involves creating an environment which encourages children to thrive – physically, emotionally, spiritually and academically. We work very hard together to maintain that environment.

So we built a school
Ready to learn
Water project planning
Upper Primary Classroom
looking forward to the future

In January 2023 we are looking forward to a ‘return to normal’ in our schools. This will mean that the school year will actually take a whole year! The Covid pandemic created massive disruption to learning for everybody in schools and in higher education in Kenya. A whole academic year was squeezed into a few short months – twice! We are hoping to be able to open a Junior High School, in line with the Kenyan Government’s plans to re-organise the structure of schooling (along the lines of the common Primary, Junior High, Senior High pattern.) We have all of the facilities ready for receiving students. We are just waiting to see if the system will be put in place across Kenya next year.

Being able to offer schooling up to Junior High level will enable us to build a very firm foundation in our pupils’ lives as well as, we hope, helping them to experience the best years of their lives.