Kosele is located on the C26 half-way between Oyugis and Kendu Bay

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Hope and Kindness welcomes visitors to Kosele.

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A team of young visitors who worked their socks off in 2010!
health warning – volunteering to come and work with us will change your life! ……… a lot!

The first team of visitors to our work in Kosele came to work with us in October 2002. They were a great encouragement to us and helped us to get the whole thing off to a good start. Since then we have enjoyed the company of many visitors. Some came to work on projects in the community – building and repairing houses. Some came to encourage our young people and to teach in the school. Some shared inspiring messages with all age groups in our church. Others helped us to grow our leadership team.

Many people suggest that making a short visit to a project like ours is a western indulgence; that it would be better to donate the money that would be spent on travelling to Kenya, that it doesn’t help and actually holds back development. There are many powerful arguments for that point of view. We have a different view. In a globalized world our neighbours are not just the people who live next door. Our neighbours are citizens of the world. In the Bible Jesus says that we should love our neighbours. We would be delighted if you considered a short, or even a longer visit to our neighborhood in Kenya.

We hope that our website will have given you a better understanding of what is close to the hearts of our Hope and Kindness team in Kosele. If you think that you have something to bring that would help us to love our neighbors better, please get in touch using the contact form at the top of this page.

Elli and friends
House building is hard work
Essential repairs
Playground project completed
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Frequently asked questions

We are highly appreciative of all interest in our work. We hope that our answers to these questions will be helpful.

Hope and Kindness has many friends, sponsors and donors in the UK. We are always in need of new sponsors for children who attend our school and are happy to hear from anybody who would like us to speak about our work, or help us to raise funds and further support.

If you use the form on this page to send us an email as a first expression of interest we will answer as soon as we can.